Ways to Pay Your Association Dues

At Taylor Association Management, would like to take just a moment to help you make your life easier by informing you of the many easy ways to pay your community association dues.

Automatic Withdrawal Method

We know that in today's busy life style there's so much to do that sometimes paying your dues is just not on your top eight list of important things to do. That is why we offer the automatic withdrawal payment method. All we need to sign you up for this is a voided check and a completed ACH form that you can download here. That's it, you don't have to worry about mailing your payment. You can download the ACH sign-up form by clicking here.

Pay Online Via Internet

We are also set up for you to be able to pay online.  If you are unsure which bank your association is affiliated with, please contact our office at (702) 736-9450 to verify your information.  *NOTE: If you use the wrong bank's link, your payment will not be processed.

For Associations using Mutual of Omaha Community Bank, the online sign in screen is easy to follow along.

For Associations using Alliance Association Financial Services, select either "Pay Your Assessment by Credit Card" or "Pay Your Assessment by eCheck." There is a small fee for using your credit card but not for using the e-check method. You will need either your coupon or statement to complete this step. If you do not have either one simply call Taylor Association Management and someone in our accounting department will be happy to help you. After you have selected your choice in payment method, fill out your personal information. You will need to input the 4-digit management code. This is the four digit code at the bottom of your coupon book or statement. You will then need the 6-digit association code for your HOA. This is the next set of numbers and letters at the bottom of your statement or coupon. That's it! Click submit and you're done!

Pay Online Through Your Bank Account

Many of our homeowners choose to electronically submit their payments through their own bank account. This is a very simple process normally completed through your banks website.

Pay in our Office or By Mail

And of course, you can still send your payment by check or money order to our office location or our payment processing center. And we always love when you come to visit at our office. Please remember that we do not accept cash payments.